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"Etching makes me feel like a modern alchemist;

turning a simple metal plate into

something wonderfully different."


I have a lifelong fascination with megalithic sites. I love the mystery and unexplained about these great stones, often found in the most beautiful places. Combined with a deep love for walking the landscapes of Ireland, Scotland and  England, this slight obsession is also a great reason for travelling.  When I visit these magical places, I feel connected with them; their untold stories, their past and their place in the landscape.

I believe everything (and everyone) in life is connected through invisible processes, which I try to visualize in my art. My landscapes have different layers; visible and hidden worlds. They are mindscapes: coming from within rather than from outside, they represent what I sense. Perhaps I should call them Sensescapes… 

Printmaking is magical. Printmaking to me means being open to chance, to unexpected changes and embracing them. Etching makes me feel like a modern alchemist; turning a simple metal plate into something wonderfully different. I love the contrast of the deepest, richest blacks on the bright whites of the printing paper. Using subtle colours which reflect my love for the natural world, I often combine my prints with embossing to emphasize the beauty of the paper. Etching is a labour of love, but one I’m completely in love with.


  • Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam : Printmaking and drawing
    (teachers: Kees Spermon, Hans Andringa, Joop van Meel, Klaas Gubbels)

  • National College of Art & Design, Dublin: Printmaking FA, large format etching
    (teachers: John Kelly, Brett McEntaggart, Andrew Folan)

  • ArtEz Arnhem: Degree in Art education 


BAS Art Award, Judges Prize Printmaking 2022

Gill & Macmillan Prize, 2cnd Irish Miniprint Exhibition



I’ve had exhibitions since 1988, so the list is long. I’m not a fan of long lists. Here are the most recent ones, and a few highlights:


  • Yerevan International Print Biennale, Yerevan Armenia 2023

  • International Biennale of Graphic Arts, Tirana Albania 2022

  • International Print Mail Art, Amsterdam 2022

  • 19th AAmA International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2022/2023
    Hangzhou China, Buenos Aires Argentina, Milan Italy

  • Print International, Wrexham Wales, 2021/2022

  • Novene, K17 Leeuwarden 2021

  • Contact in Coronatijden, Grafiekplatform, Amsterdam 2020/2021

  • Kunstkerkje Velp, 2019

  • Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin

  • Triskel Art Centre, Cork

  • Butler Gallery, Kilkenny

  • Riverrun Gallery, Limerick

  • Voerman Museum, Hattem

  • Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden



Gemeente Leiden, Nijmegen, Arnhem, Dublin Council, Heumen, Rijksmuseum

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